Author Topic: Child Items Not Displaying Consistantly  (Read 1456 times)


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Child Items Not Displaying Consistantly
« on: November 24, 2012, 20:18:37 pm »
I have been searching the forum and Google, but no luck. Hoping to be pointed toward an old forum post I missed.

JM 1.5.26 and VM 1.1.9 ( I know, I know... support is over ;) ) Using a RocketTheme template.

In the Main Menu, child items appear on any "non VirtueMart" page. However, upon visiting a VM category page, the child items of the main menu will not display. It's almost as if the menu item graphic is layered behind the content area.

Here's the interesting thing: One of the menu items links to the VM category that is currently empty. That seems to be the sole exception to my issue.

So it looks like if the category contains product, the child items will not display. If the category is empty, child item will display.

If there is a forum post that discussed this, I missed it. Any guidance is appreciated.

I've seen posts about this issue occurring in a main menu module, but not in the main menu itself.