Author Topic: VIRUTEMART WISHLIST - NEW Virtuemart Favorites & Wishlist Component V 4 - J2.5  (Read 120621 times)


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Dear cipakidsshop, the version of the component you're using (2.0a) is obsolete. You should use version 3.0a instead.

You can download it from the customer area, under "My Packages" section.

You probably get the language entry "VM_FAVORITE_NOLOGIN" because you do not have the correct language value or the value doesn't exist.

Have a look at the component language file (frontend) and be sure that you have an entry like this:

VM_FAVORITE_NOLOGIN=Login to add the product to your wishlist

If you still have problem, please open a support ticket and we will be happy to assist you.

Kind regards,
2KWeb Support Team


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Dear all, we are glad to annouce that Version 4 of Virtuemart Wishlist has been released!

FREE UPGRADE for all existing customers

- NEW Plugin for Guest Wishlists with automerge option on Login/Registration
- Password protected Wishlists
- New "Ask for a quote" button
- Remove Favorite button is now available on all product pages
- Additional options for wishlist configuration and layout

Coming next week:
- Implementing Joomla 2.5 update notification center (updates will be available within Joomla administration page)
- "The Wishlist Central": A Wishlist directory website
- New Youtube Channel

We hope you will enjoy the new features!

Thank you again for supporting us!

2KWeb Developer Team