Author Topic: Product Price (Net) / (Gross) NOT being saved  (Read 9170 times)


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Re: Product Price (Net) / (Gross) NOT being saved
« Reply #15 on: October 16, 2009, 15:07:46 pm »
This happened to me and I fixed it this way:
I had added a vendor (don't do it, it is experimental and does not work). You need to remove the extra vendors.
First, you need access to the database (phpmyadmin).
1. From table vm_vendor delete the vendors with ID <> 1. ID 1 is the default Store.
2. From table vm_shopper_group delete the rows with vendor_id <> 1.

That should fix it.

Problem is that new product price was saved with the new vendors shopper_group. When updated it adds a price with the original vendors shopper_group so it looks right. With the above fix the product price is saved with the right shopper_group from the start.