Author Topic: Change Currency Error when Price for Product have Equal "=" Sign (DOUBLE COUNT)  (Read 2148 times)


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Hi All,

I've try problem with the currency exchange when a product price have "=" sign to diplay price for different Property in a Single Attribute- Double Counting.

For example: Product A with Size M =SGD$45.90, and Size L = SGD$55.90. When exchange to USD, the product price display correctly (at exchange rate of 1.5) Size M =USD$30.60, and Size L = USD$37.27 on product details page.

But when it is added to cart, the price for Size M became USD$20.40, and Size L became SGD$24.85 and not Size M =USD$30.60, and Size L = SGD$37.27. Which results in double counting.

When I try without the equal sign but single price list for different property in the same attribute, the price added to shopping cart appear to be correct. i.e. Size M =USD$30.60, and Size L = USD$37.27. Help please! Thanks.

I'm using Virtuemart 1.1.2 and Joomla 1.5.8.