Author Topic: [How to - Solved]How to remove the categories/category name under the thumbnails  (Read 6629 times)


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I was looking around for this for a while so hope it help someone.

To remove the text under the images in the categires in vm 1.1.3

Find categoryChildlist.tpl.php

Its in the defaults template folder in Common folder.

comment out:  echo $category["category_name"]

Also just above that there are some page breaks also remove them in order to remove the link thats on the page breaks

Hope that helps someone :)
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Excellent - exactly what I was looking for.  I'm going to expand on your post a bit in the event someone is even more lost than I was. Ther term "echo $category["category_name"]" appears twice - once on line 25, and once on line 31

You want to comment out line 31, and then remove the appropriate breaks.

Thanks again! This resolves my other post - which I'll cross link over to here.



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I have the opposite problem.
I removed  it from another file (which I can't recall now and I need to re implement it so I can grab the url address for the categories again. For some reason the drop down menus linking to the categories are now dead.



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But suppose if I want to hid only a particular category?


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How do I get the category name to appear above the category image?


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I just removed everything from that file and got rid of the pesky Categories all together. To get SEO addresses from Virtuemart all the menulinks have to be done manually anyway to point Virtuemart Categories. No need for Category names/pics to be displayd then.



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to hide categories on page with VM 2.0 and newer simply go to:

/your domain/public_html/templates/your_template/html/com_virtuemart/category
,edit file default.php and delete this:

                     <a href="<?php echo $caturl ?>" title="<?php echo $category->category_name ?>">
                        <?php echo $category->category_name ?>
                        <?php // if ($category->ids) {
                        echo $category->images[0]->displayMediaThumb ("", FALSE);
                        //} ?>