Author Topic: [SOLVED] Seeking to 'hide' sub-categories, without disabling them  (Read 2993 times)


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Issue resolved - see forum post:

Hi -
I've spent several hours reading through posts on the forum (in addition to reading the user manual forwards and backwards) trying to find the solution.

I'm linking to my categories and child categories through the main Joomla menu on my site.  When accessing a category, however, it by default shows all the 'child categories' within the VirtueMart header.

I'd like to hide this list of 'child categories' without disabling them, as users should be navigating through the site using the main Joomla menu (or on a sidebar, but NOT at the top above listed items within that category).

Most of the solutions I've read on here involve modifying what I understand to be the core documents of Virtue Mart, within the Administrative folders.  I would prefer to not lose any long-term functionality of the site with this modification.

Is there a way to modify a templates >> common .php document (something like the categoryChildList.php) to hide the child items from appearing?  I tried this on my own, but simply managed to break the form structure on the site or break the site entirely. 

Thanks, in advance, for your time and your advice!