Author Topic: Tax added in twice in steps 1-3 of checkout, corrects in step 4  (Read 1250 times)


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Tax added in twice in steps 1-3 of checkout, corrects in step 4
« on: February 15, 2009, 02:14:24 am »

I am running virtuemart 1.1.2 on Joomla 1.5.6.

I have set up so that tax is calculated by shipping address and should only be added to EU countries. If I make a user have a registered (main) address in any country worldwide where there is a state option then the system works fine (e.g. US, UK, Spain). However, if I make the registered address an EU country where there is no state option available (France, Germany) then in checkout steps 1 to 3 the price shown before tax is added is the price with tax added. This means tax is added twice over. However, by step 4 (Confirmation) all is well and displays fine (i.e. the tax is only added in once). For countries outside the EU there is no issue since no tax is ever applied.

I have now spent hours trying to hack the code to find what I need to do but without success. Please can anyone point me in the right direction? Which files would be calculating the price which then knocks on into subtotal and total for just steps 1 to 3???

Any help would be much appreciated,

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Re: Tax added in twice in steps 1-3 of checkout, corrects in step 4
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2009, 04:30:36 am »
I'm having this kind of problem also, but tax is being charged double and it does not seem to correct during checkout. It is added to the price, and then it is also added in the checkout, in addition to the increase in the total.

J 1.5.9, VM 1.1.2, and 1.1.3

We've verified this through several VM installs.

It would be preferable to remove the tax from the product price. It is confusing to the customer anyway.