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New user group not working properly
« on: February 10, 2009, 13:53:18 pm »
I've searched here for a while without succes (read the manual too..missed somethong for sure) so I post here hoping it will help (i'm a newbie for wirtuemart)

I have a joomla site with users.
Managers can aacces the shop even from the front end and edit products etc..
works fine.
But i created a new group "user light" with modules: products, order, tax, shipping, manufacturer,
For each module I checked the same functions as storeadmin.

If choose to make a manager a user with "gestion-light" right it cannot edit the shop anymore + there is no link to configuration in the frontend virtuemart moodule.

If this users connects from the backend  the VM control panel says "you are not allowed etc... then you have on the right the "right dispaly i chooesd...(for gestion light)
I understand there is a conflict somewhere (when i go to the backend as a mamager the control panel has a conflict beteween those rights ok...)
but why my user is no more able to edit even the shop products from the frontend?

If a publisher becomes a gestion light users he/she does not get the right to edit product from the frontend.
I guesse i missed something obvious and vial
but what?
Thanks, if you know, to tell me..

PS : VM1.1.3 Jommla1.5.9  (and CB latest..)