Author Topic: $ Amount does not show within content on Front page in featured mod  (Read 2243 times)


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Hey all. This is my first post anywhere. I have been looking through the forums for a while now without a solution.
The featured products mod says it is able to be displayed in content {loadposition featured} is what I have here:
The weird problem I have is that the Dollar sign and Dollar amount will not show up within this content item. No problem at all if the mod has its own position within the template as evident by the new products section where I used latest products mod. I only want featured to appear on the front page tho and not on every page.
I dont know much about php but tried to find where to edit $show_price which I think the problem is in whatever php or tpl page its in. Worried if I change that the call will throw off the latest prods mod then.
Can anyone help?