Author Topic: Order Maintenance - bug in Delete Product on updating an order in the back-end  (Read 2260 times)


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Description :

When the "last" product is deleted from an order using admin panel, the product is removed but price and tax info still remains.

VirtueMart & Joomla version:

Joomla! 1.5.8 Production/Stable [eCommerce Bundle]

Steps to replicate :

- Give a fake order (1 or more products) with a fake user account on the front end
- Go to the VirtueMart admin panel
- List the orders.
- Go into the fake order details.
- delete all of the products from the order.
- see that products are removed but the product price, taxes applied and the total still remains.

Proposed fix(es)

- newbie in mysql and php so no fix(es) yet :)

Bugtracker task #

- still not sure if this an installation-specific error or a bug.This is why i've opened this topic.

System Info

XAMPP PHP Ver 5.2.6 + MySQL 5.0.67 on Windows XP (local test server)

Please test in your systems and enter your comments.

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