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Be careful when picking hosts
« on: December 09, 2008, 13:23:17 pm »
I recently spent almost 2 months developing a J!/virtuemart website, uploaded it to 2 personal servers for testing and eventually got it in order for launch.

My client had an existing account with IX Web Hosting (seemingly very popular) and the new website was deployed at night 4 days ago. Additional testing went on over the weekend, and the site was viewed in 6 different locations on different browsers with no issues.

Then, yesterday morning I received a panicked phone call from a senior staff member saying that an antivirus window was popping up, and had happened on at least 3 of the PCs that they had viewed the new site on.

I spent the day researching, checking and checking again. IX eventually sent a (generic) ticket saying
As far as our security analyst can tell, all of these hacks are being conducted via malware that has gained access to your ftp login information... blah blah

I run NOD32, adAware, Spybot and various other programs full-time.

The problem was an injection of .htaccess, which IX deleted without telling me or giving me the time to see it. The new .htaccess added a redirect which opened an installer to the rogue 'Antivirus 2009' software, which now has a hazard scale of 8/10. The installer is not possible to close without ctrl+alt+dlt > close process, and guaranteed, very few senior users would think of that.

To read more, Google search: ix hosting + "antivirus 2009"

Many people have no problem with the company, all i'm saying is be aware...