Author Topic: who can help me fix this bug, please!!!  (Read 5207 times)


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who can help me fix this bug, please!!!
« on: November 11, 2008, 05:18:31 am »
Hi everybody

I'm configuring Virtuemart with the FedEx module.

When checking out I receive the following error;
Error: cURL ERROR: 3: <url> malformed<br>unable to process subscribe
Error: Error updating the Meter Number.

I have check the php curl support and its enabled.

I'm using joomla 1.0 stable and Virtuemart 1.1.1

FedEx module 1.02

The hosting provider offers
Apache Linux
PHP Version 5.2.5
mysql 4.0.27-standard

I have readed some toppics about the same problem and do follow this:

" Test account number ,Test meter number

go to Administrator> component > com_virtumart > classess > Shipping>

there u can find the fedex.cfg.php page and update with thease details

define ('FEDEX_ACCOUNT_NUMBER', '');
define ('FEDEX_METER_NUMBER', '');
define ('FEDEX_URI', '');

apply the test account number and meter number to ('FEDEX_ACCOUNT_NUMBER', '') and 'FEDEX_METER_NUMBER', '') placess inside '', then this error wont get anymore "

But now the bug is:

Error: Invalid FedEx transaction data at `<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Method Not Allowed</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY><H1>Method Not Allowed</H1>
An error has occurred.
</BODY></HTML>'unable to process services_rate

who can help me fix it? please


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Please help me, save me T_T please!!!
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2008, 10:32:15 am »
No one can help me? T_T Please save me, help help help F1 F1 F1