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DEBUG HELP: Product Image
« on: November 07, 2008, 22:42:19 pm »

I hope I'm in the correct forum.

Basically I have a very small (or maybe very big) that needs fixing a.s.a.p as the owner of the site wants to start adding products.

Here's the deal. I am testing few hosts to see which one is the most suited for our VirtueMart powered E-Shop. I have stumbled upon a very good hosting company, but as soon as I installed Joomla 1.5.7 Bundled with Virtuemart, same one I was using for other hosts, I get an error everytime I add a product/category image. It was working fine on other hosts. Here's the error with debug output on the hosting company server:

I tried searching Virtuemart forum and the web for possible solutions but none worked. So I decided to install the very same installation on my home pc running WAMP server. Turned on the debug and tried the very same test and it worked:

Seems to me that on the Online server, the first Unlink command works, but the second fails for some reason, and with my very little knowledge of VirtueMart's scripting I have no idea what's wrong.

1. So firstly, I hope you seasoned Virtuemart developers would be able to answer why it's failing unlink command on second go. Could it be Permissions problem? But my shop_image folder is CHMOD-ed 755. Could it be a server config problem? If so I would like to definetely know it is, so I could switch hosting company without wasting time trying to debug the code.

2. My second question is: What does unlink command do? What can possibly go wrong if i comment out the unlink command on imageTools.class.php (Line: 273-275: $d["image_commands"][] = array( 'command' => 'unlink', ...)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time  :D


Update : 21:50GMT

I have commented out the lines 273-275 above and re-uploaded imageTools.class.php and apparantly it's working fine now. I successfully added a product with an image, it created the thumbnails and everything!

What does the UNLINK do and what's the risk of NOT executing this command?


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Re: DEBUG HELP: Product Image
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2008, 14:54:59 pm »
Don't mean to be rude but doesn't anyone know about the Unlink command and what it does? Or is this the wrong forum? I got 140 views but no one replied.