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Shopper Goups
« on: October 21, 2008, 18:16:00 pm »
I have a client that is a manufacturer of automotive parts.

He wants the public to be able to view his products & their retail cost but does not want them to be able to purchase the products.

He wants his dealers to be able to purchase the products and wants to display the dealer cost to them.

Can I do this with VirtueMart?

Can I display two different price tiers to different users and the ablilty to purchase to only one type of user?

Would it be better to use VirtueMart to display the two different price tiers & different user groups ability to purchase? Or would it be better to have product pages in Joomla to display the products & their retail cost(outside of VirtueMart) and use VirtueMart for logged in dealers only?

Thanks for any direction you can provide to me on this. I am very familiar with Joomla but I have not used VirtueMart.