Author Topic: No payment-step if only one payment-method!?  (Read 1984 times)


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No payment-step if only one payment-method!?
« on: October 17, 2008, 08:34:52 am »
At first: I posted this also in a topic of the 1.0.x Forum by mistake because there was a similar question and I was inattentive. Sorry for that!

Well, VM behaves as read in the subject of this topic.

But this a very very big problem for me. Why? I will try to explain. I only accept bank debit. So I only need one payment method but my customer needs the possibility to fill in his banking data if he has not done before in his VM-Account.

Why is this so important? Imagine you go to a shop, choose a product, go to the cart and want to send your order but have not filled in your banking data in the shopaccount. You say "Send order" and only a error message appears and you have to go to your account to fill in the needed information. That´s exactly what happens in VM.

If I would be a customer of such a shop, I would say: "Oh, that´s much to circumstantially for me. I should look for another shop."

Dear Soeren, maybe it´s worth to think about this, or is there a simple solution?

Best regards