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« on: October 14, 2008, 23:03:00 pm »
Hi all,

we are about to finish a payment module for Credit Card processor - where it will be possible to completely integrate Credit Card payments into the website.

Now there is one problem, the request that comes back from mpay24 server does not update the order-status...
the request looks like the following (from raw-access-log - i replaced data with xxxxxxxxxx): - - [14/Oct/2008:14:26:18 -0500] "GET /tr2test/administrator/components/com_virtuemart/mpay_confirm.php?OPERATION=CONFIRMATION&TID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&STATUS=BILLED&PRICE=xxxx&CURRENCY=EUR&P_TYPE=CC&BRAND=VISA&MPAYTID=xxxxxxxx&USER_FIELD=&ORDERDESC=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&CUSTOMER=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&CUSTOMER_EMAIL=&LANGUAGE=DE&CUSTOMER_ID=&PROFILE_STATUS=IGNORED HTTP/1.1" 303 5 "-" "-"

The order-status is never updated.. it stays pending although the request sends "STATUS=BILLED" ...
it works on another testserver, but not on this one... if anybody came across such a problem already, please let me know!!!

The mpay24 module will be published as soon as we finished our testings...
I initiated the development cause I did not find a payment module for a Credit Card processor in Europe that is directly integrated into the virtuemart shopsystem... check for more details... soon the module should be available!!

All best