Author Topic: Missing strings in VMLang file !  (Read 4124 times)


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Missing strings in VMLang file !
« on: October 05, 2008, 09:39:10 am »

is missing in the VM language files. Should probably be in '/store' directory.

They're called from 'ps_cashondel.php'

I had to insert this myself in the '/store/english.php':

Code: [Select]
// Added since missing in original VM 081005 ROA
'PHPSHOP_SPEC_CASH_ON_DELIVER_RATES' => 'Cash on Delivery Rates - Cost depending on Order Total.',
'PHPSHOP_PAYMENT_METHOD_LIST_FEE' => 'Payment Methods List Fee',

In additon to this I just want to say that the explanation on how these rates are to be used, is far from intuitive and would greatly benefit from some explanatory texts.

(Haven't had time to drill down into VM bug reporting system yet. Probably is real easy... but I just post this here, hoping someone will notice...  :-\)

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