Author Topic: 2checkout wants passport scan!  (Read 10397 times)


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2checkout wants passport scan!
« on: September 29, 2008, 18:45:22 pm »
I went through the hassle of settings up 2Checkout with VM because it seems like the VM plugin for Paypal Pro is a bit shifty. Now that I've set it up (even contributed code to get VM/2CO running!) and paid my $49 setup fee, I get a 'Risk Form' from 2checkout which has to be filled in.
2CO wants the following:
  • Passport scan
  • Driver's license scan
  • Company owners, history etc..
  • Mandatory return policy
  • Mandatory privacy policy

See for yourself:

Quote, Inc. Vendor Risk Management Documentation

Company Information

Vendor Name:

Company Legal Name:   ___________________________________________________________________________
Taxpayer ID# or NTN for Pakistan vendors:      2Checkout StoreID #   
D/B/A Name(s):         
City:      State/ZIP:   
Telephone (Contact)      Telephone (Customer Svc):   
Fax Number:      Web URL:   
Contact Email Address:      Alternate Email Address:   
Legal Entity Type:    C Corp       LLC       Partnership      S Corp      Sole Proprietorship
Business Incorporated:     Public       Private    Non-Profit     
Year Started:         
Date of Incorporation:      State Incorporated:   
Dun & Bradstreet #:         
Has the company ever filed bankruptcy?     Yes        No
Please list all principals and their percentage of ownership (attach separate form if additional space is required):
Name      Percentage      SS#, Government ID # or Passport Number
Name      Percentage      SS#, Government ID # or
Passport Number

Principal Street
Principal City

Principal State/ZIP

Principal Second ID
(Driver’s License# and State         
Have any of the principal officers ever filed bankruptcy?        Yes        No
If “Yes,” individual(s) involved and year filed:      
If you were previously contracted with an alternate service to 2Co please identify the company.

Have you previously or do you currently possess a merchant account?    If so with who?

Please provide a detailed description of any/all goods or services being rendered through the account:

I, ______________________________________, do attest that the information provided is correct.

 __________________________________________             _______________________________
      Signature                  Date

Apparently, this only applies for International Customers. Paypal doesn't do this. Why does 2CO? Is this standard practice? Seems overkill to me.



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Re: 2checkout wants passport scan!
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2008, 19:35:08 pm »
Yap, same thing happen to me. You also must have live site to show them.


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Re: 2checkout wants passport scan!
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2008, 19:39:05 pm »
Ya, and you have to have a refund policy. They won't accept a no refund setup. Seems pretty restrictive. Wonder if Paypal is heavyhanded...

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Re: 2checkout wants passport scan!
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2009, 13:40:17 pm »
This is very common for any internet merchant account.

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