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You Lose
« on: August 07, 2008, 01:10:30 am »
You know.... I've really thought you guys (VirtueMart Team) had something special with this cart. For ALL of the possibilities that Could Be... You guys just lost me.  :'(
Oven the course of the last year (yep... I started using VM over a year ago) I've given this cart more than it's fair share of my time, attention, effort etc... because I really felt you were ON to something spectacular BUT.... After a year of toil tending to "Bugs", "Tweaks" and " Hacks" to make this puppy fly right... I'm done with it now.  :P

The Straw that broke this Camel's back you ask?!?!?

After repeated attempts to simply UPGRADE this cart to the newest version I have run into more problems than I'm going bother mentioning in this post. I sincerely hope you one day get this Cart to function properly. It truly has AWESOME possibilities. BUT.... at present... I'm sorry to say that it is... A failure.

I've devoted a great deal of time building my website around this cart. I bring in an astounding amount of online traffic. And... despite all of my efforts (and trust me... I take my livelihood SERIOUSLY)... this cart's shortcomings have taken an immeasurable toll on my site's conversion rate.

But... that's going to change as of this minute!  ;)

 I know you guys are not online sellers.. BUT... if you were... you would NOT be touting this cart like you are at present. Making false claims of It's applications as a Robust E-Commerce application. It's none of that at all.

I've had to look at this from many perspectives and give this decision a LOT of thought. The conclusion I have come to....

This cart is a waste of time for ANY serious Online Seller
out there.

There is no "real" support here on this forum for the problems that arise from VM's temperamental nature. I'm once again going to have restore my site back to before I tried to upgrade VM (I've lost count how many times at this point).... AND....
Rebuild another site with a commercial cart that.... Actually WORKS!  ;) Something I should have done after my first month a struggle with VirtueMart. It's OK though... Better late than never. I'm doing the right thing for my online business to go with a real shopping cart application that does what it's supposed to do. Help the seller SELL. Hello healthy conversion rates... Goodbye to the Albatross known as VirtueMart.  It's liberating when you can see things clearly.  :)

You have my kind regards all the same... I hope you get your S%@!^ together some day.
Unfortunately... you've lost me... and... I'm sure I'm not the ONLY one.

Good Luck