Author Topic: Upgrade Issues?!?!? Help... SOS... Help... SOS  (Read 2446 times)


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Upgrade Issues?!?!? Help... SOS... Help... SOS
« on: August 04, 2008, 05:30:09 am »
Hello... I'm trying to upgrade from 1.0.13a to 1.0.15...  I've literally been trying to do this for the last 12 hours.... I don't understand why the "Patch Package" cannot be UPLOADED via JoomlaXplorer as a complete folder... or with some type of "Set-Up" file included to use the Joomla Installers. There's something like 150-200 files that need to be uploaded to replace the outdated files for the 1.0.13a version I'm currently using.
I have been able to FTP the contents of the Package over and have everything sitting in the Public HTML in their own folder.
HOW do you integerate the files so they simply "OverWrite" the old ones  ???

Not being the most computer savvy person on the planet... I must admit.... This is beginning to drive me F*@!%* Crazy.... :P Seriously...  :-\

Are there simple "Cro-Magnon friendly" instructions somewhere on how to get this Upgrade thing acomplished I would be MOST appreciative if someone would PlEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSE let me know.
Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.... This is really beginning to get over-whelming  :(


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Re: Upgrade Issues?!?!? Help... SOS... Help... SOS
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2008, 22:20:26 pm »
This is an absolute pain in the A%@! But I'm still working on it... I did have another question....
ARE Store items, categories, Pictures, Descriptions, Prices etc... SAVED when upgrades are performed or is performing an upgrade the equivalent of performing a FRESH installation? Sure would suck to lose what I have worked so hard to establish so far. I have made a Full Backup of my site just in case things go Ka-Foo-Skees....
Please let me know... Thanks


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Re: Upgrade Issues?!?!? Help... SOS... Help... SOS
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2008, 02:07:54 am »
This is a freagin' nightmare....
I'm FTP-ing the files in the folders (literally the entire folders with all the files in them...)to the locations where they should be going...
 I can NOT get this to go. Nothing at all appears to be happening. When I log into my backend and navigate to VM there is NO confirmation to update screen... I still have the same version VM that I did before I did this... WTF is the big secret to getting this to go correctly?
I have already spent 3 days of having to repeatedly take my site off-line and work on this...

Ya know... this is supposed to be an E-Commerce application. I'm losing business because of this BullS@#t.
I'm convinced that if the people who are developing this cart were actually Online Sellers themselves they WOULD be putting Set-Up files in these upgrade packages.
This is way too confusing and convoluted to have to do all this crap to get this cart to work right.

Honestly... I've experienced nothing but problems since day #1 with VM. I like the compatbility with Joomla! but... I admit... for all of VM's flexibility and integrative capability w/ Joomla.... It's a sorry Piece of S$%t. NOT because it doesn't have the ability to function like the powerful E-Commerce application it was so supposedly created for... But because... It's development is in reality... a business venture for the developrs.

 I'm seeing clearer and clearer with each passing hour of time I have to spend performing "hacks" etc... that the only reason this cart exists is so that real online sellers like myself are eventually going to have NO other choice than to have to contact the so called "VirtueMart Experts"... pay hundreds of dollars to a so called "developer"... to perform things like "upgrades" to your VM application.
Sorry if I seem somewhat jaded here.. but let's get real... The only reason this Forum is here is so the "developers" of this cart can soak people who actually thought they were getting a real shopping cart e-commerce application.... that works.
Free doesn't have to mean shoddy guys... And quite frankly... I've bought this application about 20 times over with the amount of time I've spent.... Literally WEEKS of my time... working the "bugs" (and there's a TON of them) out of this cart.
And this forum has been helpful only for a very few instances.


Guys... please... do us ALL a favor... Cut the BS.... if you REALLY want to offer this application as a "Free" E-Commerce" application for the masses... then make it ACCESSIBLE to the masses. Provide set-up files so things like upgrades etc... can be EASILY applied quickly and efficiently  from within Joomla's Admin.
I'm seriously considering building another site that will actually allow customers to do things like... Come into the shop... find something they like and actually be able to.... simply....