Author Topic: Need to set up VM with specific parameters...  (Read 2202 times)


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Need to set up VM with specific parameters...
« on: July 14, 2008, 21:56:37 pm »
Got a two-part problem that I need to find some answers for.  I tried searching through the forums, and couldn't find a thing, especially related to VM 1.1.1...

I really need to be able to set up a subscription-type of recurring billing that is automated through 2Checkout.  For example, when a client places an order for a downloadable product that has a monthly subscription, there is a $50 fee plus $10 a month - how would I go about doing that with VM?  I have tried for 3 days now to find a way to do it and can't seem to figure it out (am I missing something so blatantly obvious?)...

When a subscription is ordered and payment successfully placed, I need the confirmation email to send a call to a script that validates the subscription through PHP - the script resides on a separate server that is using SSL (our site has it's own SSL cert as well).  Where would I find the file that holds the confirmed/completed transaction sequence so that I could add the PHP code to make the call described above?

If there are ANY answers to these questions I would VERY much appreciate it as I am quickly running out of time on how/when I need to get this done.

Thank you VERY MUCH in advance for any help I can find.