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Payflow Pro & VirtueMart
« on: July 09, 2008, 16:36:59 pm »
I've read that people are having trouble getting Payflow to work with VM, however, I cannot even find where I add my accout details (vendor, partner, password).  I see that I can manually add some the these to the file payflow_pro.cfg.php but in that file I dont see a place to enter the password.

Here is what I do:
1. I go to store > list payment methods
2. I select Payflow Pro (It was there already on install and it was active on install)
3. Then I am given a screen, but on that screen there is place to add these details.


I downloaded the joomla 1.5 ecommerce bundle from here:

I then uploaded the patch to make the VM version now be 1.1.1