Author Topic: Way to change path of vendor image so it will show secure at PayPal Checkout?  (Read 5593 times)


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Have a shared SSL cert, our root/images/ folder is the secure folder.  Virtuemart places the vendor image in a different folder so once customers confirm order and are taken to checkout, they get the "Do you want to display nonsecure items?" error.

Any work-arounds?


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Want to bump this up as this is now an issue for me

Paypal draws the vendor image from Virtuemart for the normal paypal checkout system
However as my image isn't on an https link Internet Explorer 8 flags up a warning of unsecure content which makes the checkout seem really bad.

any ideas? I have hosted an imnage on a secure server so ideally I'd either stop virtuemart sending the image to paypal or chanegt he link to an absolute URL - where would I do this and how??



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In the VM backend, go to list payment types -> payapal -> configuration tab.

Now in the payment extra info box is a whole bunch of code. Part of this code sends your image URL to paypal in the variable $vendor_image_url.

Modify or redefine $vendor_image_url underneath the 2 include lines, at the top.

you could either use str_replace or just redefine all together:

$vendor_image_url = str_replace("http://","https://", $vendor_image_url);


$vendor_image_url = "https://www.yoursite/path/to/image.jpg";


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Would it also be possible to hide the image alltogether?
When I attempt replacing "cpp_header_image" with "" or " " then the paypal page won't load anymore.

Paypal offers payment page templates, but the virtuemart plugin seems to overrule this.

What other options do I have to hide the image alltogether?