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Virtuemart Total TAX
« on: October 14, 2009, 09:24:48 am »
I have seen a virtuemart tutorial is the most complete I've found

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and one of the images that there is clearly that the tax (TAX) is added to the final order price and not the item if we tell the manager that shows the tax.

Code: [Select]

Paragraph Total sale tax (VAT Tax / TAX) I'd like to know how I can do to make out like in that picture, because if I put the articles with TAX (VAT) and sale price including VAT and in the tutorial out the price of goods without VAT and then VAT is added.
Someone knows how to do such selfless things, because for most forums I've searched for no one could help me, and now that I vsito this, I can see a glow of light on this issue.

In the tutorial I see you soon puts tax takes several months but well .. Can anyone explain how to do it please?