Author Topic: [TRACKER 2210] Fix Bug of $product_available_date in browse page  (Read 6615 times)


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in VM1.1, if you echo $product_available_date, nothing will be returned.
There is a bug exist in the shop.browse.php

To fix it, here is how:

Go to line around 449, find this line:
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$products[$i]['product_availability_date'] = $db_browse->f("product_availability_date");
$db_browse->f("product_availability_date") is wrong.
If we check back the table in database, we will find that the table name in vm_product is called "product_available_date".

To make it work, we change this line to:
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$products[$i]['product_availability_date'] = $db_browse->f("product_available_date");
Then in the browse page template, let say browse_1.php,
we echo it by the following code:
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echo $product_availability_date;