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Working with a MyPay processor
« on: June 02, 2008, 09:28:20 am »
I have done some work with integration of the MyPay processor. The backend was pretty simple, but the flow of the transaction is more difficult. I Started with a copy of one simpel processor and change it. The problem I hav is that MyPay have transactions flow both ways.
Looked at PyMeNow processor I got some hints.. but not enought.

This is how the flow with Mypay is done

1. The user makes a order in VirtueMart (Done)
2. The order is submitted to MyPay for processing. (Done)
3. MyPay opens a "session" and sends back a https URL with no information about amount, item. (Done)
4. VirtueMart uses the URL from 3 to redirect the user to the MyPay payment window (Done)
5. User enters cardiformation for processing (Done)
6. MyPay sends a receipt to VirtueMart... (Need a ReceiptURL. HOW?)
7. VirtueMart receiptURL answer back "OK" or "Failed" and make the order "Paid"
8. Mypay redirect the user to a VirtuMart "payment finished" URL

Is there another payment processor that works the same way or at least similar?