Author Topic: new browse +basket + return to new browse without flypage...?  (Read 2020 times)

Natalia Karwacka

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I'm trying do make my own browse. I've allready put there:
- image
- price
- product_desc
- product_s_desc
- add to cart

For product_desc I've used this

it works great, but I really don't know how to place "manufacturer_link" in my browse

I've decided to do it because my shop is going to be small and all information are on browse only so when I'm in my basket there are two links which take mi back to the flypage: name of product and continue shopping.

I'd like to have only name of product without link to the flypage
and link continue shopping to leads me back to my browse (I don't have to use flypage)

I have three problems and I don't know how I can change it.

Thank you very much for any help  :)