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Instapay Processor - VM 1.1 New payment processor screen
« on: May 18, 2008, 09:26:25 am »
Has anyone ever heard - worked with a payment processor called "Instapay" with Virtuemart? Amazingly, the string "virtuemart instapay" returns no hits in either Google or this forum. Even more amazing, the Instapay folks have no idea what or who Virtuemart is, yet the shop I am working on already uses Instapay as a processor. And it's working really well too!

Let me explain:

I have inherited a shop from an AWOL developer and I have managed to fix most of the issues the client was having with it.
The shop is in 1.0.x version and I was not happy when I upgraded a copy of the site to VM 1.1, so I decided to create a brand new installation of the shop and move the products over since both the client and I think 1.1 is a better shop.

However, the main payment processor is "Instapay" (and paypal) and I have never heard of them nor I can figure out where the previous developer got hold of the scripts necessary to make it run. Apparently, no one else has either as googling "Instapay virtuemart" returns no results at all. (I guess it will after I publish this post :)

I have to admit I am not very familiar with the Payment system in VM, as I have never used one that wasn't already part of VM.

In this case, in the 1.0.x version of VM, the Instapay paymnt module works great, and the "Configuration" tab has a number of fields with various data (password, etc.) that are not usually part of the VM basic code for the payment processors.

When I tried to create a new entry for Instapay in Virtuemart 1.1, things were not working well. I had no place to enter the necessary data to mimic the previous installation. 
Finally I went to the DB for the older version, copied the Instapay entry from the table (vm_payment or something like that) and I inserted it in the new database (all using PhpMyAdmin). I copied the files over from the classes folder of the old install to the new and I was able to see page 1 of the module just like on the old site.

In version 1.1, however, the configuration tab is blank, where the old site has a number of different fields, like merchant ID and so forth, there is nothing. But the data is in the configuration file (ps_instapay.cfg.php) and odds are the code can still read it.

I included screenshots for the two versions:


There are 3 main problems I am having with this where I could use some help from you folks:

1) Where did my predecessor get the code for this module? Even in the 1.0.x version I am not able to recreate this layout by using the "new" button. I know he did not write it, judging from his other Joomla skills.

2) Why is the payment module not working in VM 1.1 when I am using the same code and the same DB values (the DB has not changed very dramatically. It only has a few more fields as evident from the screenshots)

3) After messing around with the files and the DB, I was able to make the module work, sort of. I cannot check if it works because when I go to the checkout page the popup field where the user can choose the credit card type is empty. I copied the values from another module in the DB (1,2,3,4) but it still doesn't work.

I am obviously missing something here. Can someone shed light on this mystery? Links, posts, etc. I'd be very grateful. Thank you

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