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Trouble Adding New Payment Module
« on: May 17, 2008, 23:30:22 pm »
I'm trying to add my HSBC payment module, which works like a charm in 1.0, to VM1.1. However, the payment module administration page does not show correctly, and I'm unable to save the configuration. The problem persists in both simple and extended layouts, FF2 and IE7.

The default PayPal method has the same display trouble on the first tab, yet the Configuration tab displays correctly and I'm able to save changes.

Please see the attached image to see the incorrect display. Note that when I click Save I get the following message "Direct Access to this location is not allowed."
There are no read-only files and this is a local Windows installation.

Any idea why my payment modules configuration page looks so weird and won't let me save?

** UPDATE **
Made some progress on this by noticing some subtle (to me) differences between 1.0  payment classes and 1.1. In particular, the first line of the file and the fact that we must now use VM_LANG instead of PHPSHOP_LANG. So, some progress made. However, the whole configuration still looks weird so some pointers will still be useful).


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Re: Trouble Adding New Payment Module
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2008, 21:39:17 pm »
Got it, so posting here as a reminder to everyone...

When downloading the files, not all files got transferred to my local machine. In particular, some of the language files were missing. I found this out by switching on the Debug mode.

Doh! This has happened to me before... I should've learned by now.