Author Topic: SEO Friendly URL's not working right  (Read 8866 times)


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SEO Friendly URL's not working right
« on: May 15, 2008, 06:33:02 am »
I have joomla 1.53, PHP 5, VM 1.1 installed.
I have .htaccess setup. I have the SEO Friendly settings in Global checked...
I got this to work properly in VM 1.015 and JOOMLA 1.015
No matter what SEO URL mod (SH404SEF, SmartSEF, I have... it initially works with VM category module + links, product links, etc. working meaning the url goes to a "SEO friendly" url... however, when I pick a product sub category - the data that comes up is incorrect. Or if I switch the amount of products to show to say from 20 to 50 the product category changes - the categories change to the next one or some other category rather than just increase the product count to 50 in the present category... Some of the SEO URL extensions/mod/plugins - when you select a category from the Virtuemart category mod it goes to a 404 page... as soon as I disable the module or plugin I have no issues...

I know 1.1 is new and so is 1.53... is this an issue that still is in the research stage or has someone figured out to make this work? I dont mind having standard URL's but the google sitemap's kick it back with a 301 error or whatever saying to many redirects...


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Re: SEO Friendly URL's not working right
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2008, 13:02:40 pm »
try ArtioJoomSEF and VM plugin, and give a feedback here.