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« on: February 05, 2013, 16:12:01 pm »
Hello, I have seen that support for virtuemart 1.1 and joomla 1.5 is complete. Anyway if anyone wants forum that can help me with this issue I'd appreciate it.
I use joomla 1.5 and virtuemart 1.1 as I said before.
I am using the new PayPal APIs, with ID, password, etc..
Everything works really well. When I give the button to pay by paypal redirects me to the paypal site to store data.
So far so good. The problem is that when I give the paypal option to cancel and return to the store empties the cart.
As you fix it, ie when paypal tells you to cancel the payment and go back to my store is placed on the previous page, you go to the shopping cart as it was before clicking on paypal.
Thank you all.