Author Topic: HELP, please! How to set user based filters on certain characteristics  (Read 2955 times)


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How to set user based filters on certain characteristics of products.

I need urgent help! Here the situation:
Assuming I need to set up a shop for wines. Many different kinds of wines.
Wines have very different characteristics. They are not only red or white. They are…
•   … dry, medium or lovely or anything in between,
•   … from the barrel or not
•   … originated from many different countries
•   … the prices vary in any range
•   … available sooner or later etc.

So far the rough situation. What I need, is a possibility whereby the customers can predefine their specific whishes. I`m thinking about adding fields to the user table according to the above criterias.

In the shop, I want to present only those products to the each customer which are in accordance to his specific wishes and no others! The customer must as well have the possibility to alter his specifications whilst he is searching the shop!

How and where exactly can I alter the SQL-Queries to set the filter? I need to read the predefined criterias from the user table and bring them in relation to the products. Please keep in mind, that I know who to handle regular SQl queries but I´m not familiar with object orientated SQL queries. I have tried the whole night to find out which file I have to alter to manipulate the SQl-Queries. I couldn’t figure it out.

I`using Joomla 1.5 with the actual Version of Virtuemart. Since this is an issue which may need to spend some time with, I`m willing to pay for the work!