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Re: Paypal PRO on VM 1.1
« Reply #30 on: December 02, 2008, 02:11:14 am »
Hi all.

Loosing some hair here, and in desperation I'm probably going to be jumping into another store package.. however..

I have loaded Joomla 1.5 (latest version) and Your VirtueMart version: VirtueMart 1.1.1 stable [One Step Closer]

Checked for all upgrades.

I looked for the Payflow pro solution on this site but the site no longer exists.

I've gone through these suggested fixes

Code: [Select]
After taking the following steps, Payflow Pro seems to work on our VM1.1 site:
1. Make some changes to the file

a. Change all instances of mosgetparam() to vmGet() in the file.

b. Change line 219, FROM:
$database->query( "SELECT ".VM_DECRYPT_FUNCTION."(payment_passkey,'".ENCODE_KEY."') as passkey FROM #__{vm}_payment_method WHERE payment_class='".$this->classname."' AND shopper_group_id='".$auth['shopper_group_id']."'" );
$database->query( "SELECT ".VM_DECRYPT_FUNCTION."(payment_passkey,'".ENCODE_KEY."') as passkey FROM #__{vm}_payment_method WHERE payment_class='".$this->classname."'");

c.Change line 259, FROM:

'TRXTYPE' => 'A'


'TRXTYPE' => 'S',

2. Access the Payflow Pro payment method in VM.  Put in your details.  To enter a password you:
"have to first enter your Joomla site admin password to make the 'transaction id' field active. Then enter your Payflow Pro password into the 'transaction id' field and re-enter your Joomla site admin password into the password field and submit." See:

Hope this works for you too.

it didn't work for me.

I've changed all the permissions, made sure everything was writable, have combed the Online documentation and Websphere world for an answer to get the Verisign Payflow pro to take in a Password and get setup properly, ... to no avail.

I'm not an expert with PHP but I'm no hack either, and I can't get this to work.. so the simple question is.. does it work?

If it doesn't... hey, no harm no foul, I'll use something else and quit loosing sleep over this... if it does work and someone there can get it to work... can I pay you to get it set up? Can I get blow by blow instructions?

I need a working solution; I understand the amount of work and effort you guys put into VirtuMart and I'm grateful as hell, so I'm willing to make a call, or get together with a CC# and if you can get it working.. fantastic.

Now, I am talking about the Verisign Paypal Pro/Payflow module This one here

Perhaps I'm using the wrong module and it is as simple as that... The Paypal web site for the account is ... so that is the area I'm attempting to get established.

The problem I have is at this module area of the setup...

this is the error message I get at Checkout

Code: [Select]
Error: Failure in Processing the Payment. Technical Note: The required passwird is empty! The payment method settings must be reviewed.
Error: Failure in Processing the Payment (payflow_pro)

I am very grateful for any help you can apply to my project... Thanks in advance.