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Cart, Contact information, Confirm on one site
« on: April 24, 2008, 17:14:44 PM »
I want to show the cart, the user contact information and the confirm button on one site and want to solve this using themes and templates.

So, I add the lines of <login_registration.tpl.php> after the code of <shop.cart.tpl.php>.
Also, I use "No user account creation", to skip the fields I add
<?php $page = 'checkout.index' ?> before
<?php include(PAGEPATH. 'checkout_register_form.php'); ?>
I know this is quick and dirty, but I don't know a better way ... .

From <get_final_confirmation.tpl.php> I copied and inserted the code
(without shipping and payment part) at the end of <shop.cart.tpl.php>.
But the submit button doesn't work.
I think it is a problem with the script tag "function submit_order( form )",
but I don't know how to solve.

Any ideas or suggestions to solve this ?