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wrong letters in email
« on: April 04, 2008, 02:18:07 am »
I use hungarian language. There are two characters which not encode the utf8_encode function. utf8_encode translate only ISO-8859-1 characters, so I have ? characters in email.

classes/ps_main.php:583: $mail->Body = vmAbstractLanguage::safe_utf8_encode( $mail->Body, $mail->CharSet );
-> classes/language.class.php 153:  $text = utf8_encode(utf8_decode($text));

Steps to replicate:
$test_s = "öő";
$deco_s = utf8_decode($test_s);
$enco_s = utf8_encode($deco_s);
echo "start: $test_s decode: $deco_s encode: $enco_s \n";

start: öő decode: �? encode: ö?

Proposed fix(es):
Don't use utf8_[de/en]code please.

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Joomla Version: 1.5.2
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MySQL: 5.0.45-Debian_1-log
PHP:  4.4.4-9+lenny1
Apache/1.3.34 (Debian) PHP/4.4.4-9+lenny1 mod_fastcgi/2.4.2
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