Author Topic: Minor issues with "Enable Thumbnail rezise"  (Read 2280 times)


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Minor issues with "Enable Thumbnail rezise"
« on: April 01, 2008, 21:08:33 pm »

I'm just experiencing some minor issues with the "Enable Thumbnail rezise" checkmark on the VM 1.1 RC3 "Configuration - Site" page.

After intallation the thumbnail default settings are

 - Enable Thumbnail rezise? = unchecked
 - Thumbnail Image Width = 90
 - Thumbnail Image Height = 90

If I leave the "Thumbnail rezise" unchecked, I would expect that the original size is displayed, but actually the image is rezized to 90 pix in width.

If I leave "Thumbnail rezise" unchecked AND delete the width and hight settings, a text link to the large image is displayed. I think in this case it should display the original image, too.

If I set an image width and leave the height blank, the image is set to the correct width and the corresponding proportional height. This works with both, "Enable Thumbnail rezise" checked or unchecked.

If I set an image height and leave the width blank, a text link to the large image is displayed. Here I would expect the preset height and the width adjusted proportionally.

If I set an image width and height, only the width is displayed correctly. (However, no case comes into my mind where you want to distort a rectangular image i.e. to a square thumbnail of 90 x 90 - unless you intentionally want the same ugly distorted thumbnails the huge image collection of is presenting since 2003  ;))


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