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Undefined property: payment_code
« on: March 06, 2008, 03:26:41 am »
I have set up a new test store using VM 1.1.0 nightly build from a couple of days ago.  I defined a simple payment method for credit card collection that has ps_payment method and use payment processor selected. I have not written any supporting code - simply selected the ps_payment option as suggested by the online help.

I have the debug level set to Tip-8

At the end of the checkout process, I'm getting the following PHP notice:

Notice: Undefined property: payment_code in
.../administrator/components/com_virtuemart/classes/ps_checkout.php on line 1102

This line is the second actual line of code (not comments) in the following snippet.

Code: [Select]
// Now as everything else has been done, we can update
// the Order Status if the Payment Method is
// "Use Payment Processor", because:
// Payment Processors return false on any error
// Only completed payments return true!
if( $enable_processor == "Y" ) {
    if( defined($_PAYMENT->payment_code.'_VERIFIED_STATUS')) {
        $d['order_status'] = constant($_PAYMENT->payment_code.'_VERIFIED_STATUS');
        $update_order = true;

Is this a problem with my setup of the payment method or should this property be defined somewhere?