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Bug Tracker moved to
« on: November 19, 2007, 10:15:51 am »
Hi there,

yesterday I managed to import all the tasks including comments and attachments into the CodeBeamer Database, which will be our new Bugtracker from now on.
The old Flyspray Bug Tracker is closed for now, all reqwuest to it are being redirected to If a task_id is passed, the browser is redirected to the details page of that task (All tasks have kept their ID).

User Accounts / Notifications
Unfortunately it was not possible to transfer all user accounts and notification options (because we currently have a limit of 500 registered users). If you want to claim the ownership of a task, please post it here incuding the task_id(s) and your new account name on

Anonymous Reports
Currently the trackers on allow anonymous posting as it is on Shall we keep this? Anonymous Reporting can also lead to a lot of "spam" and useless support requests.

Power of CodeBeamer
The Trackers on have professional features, like:
  • Change Approval Enforcement provides Project Managers with better control on changes of critical tasks, requirements and other artifacts where the change has impact on the project plan, on resources or on deliverables
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Attachments, email notification on changes
  • Association with other artifacts / issues
  • Subscription, History
  • Issue association with source code
  • Custom fields, choice fields
  • Cut/Copy/Paste (Duplicate, Move) Issue Items between trackers and projects
  • Mass Edit
  • Fine granulated role-based access permission

To be able to use the "Issue Association with Source Code" feature, we will switch the SVN URL to "" moved.

I suggest to change the Source Code URL at this Wednesday (Nov 21st, 2007) after we have met at the Devloper IRC meeting...

ciao, Sören
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