Author Topic: [Request Feature] Store information, settings, and (possibly) product backup  (Read 2715 times)


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going around installing and uninstalling the SVN I thought it might be a nice idea if there was a way that I could backup the Store settings and Admin Settings and at leas the product categories. I know that can probably done using PHPMYADMIN or using the MySQL database directly, but it will help if there was a way that could be done by the end user through the backend inteface.

A complete Product backup could get really large and out of hand (with all the pictures and files), but the Store Settings, Tax settings, policies, and stuff like that should not make a very large file.  That will at least gives a bit of flexibility when doing updates.

I'm not a programmer myself and I'm very new to VM so I don't know much about this program and it's code, so I need to ask if something like that is possible at all or not.