Author Topic: nightly build from the 10th email error  (Read 4093 times)


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nightly build from the 10th email error
« on: September 13, 2007, 00:46:00 am »
After getting the emails one for the customer and one for the store I tried the link that was sent out.

To see the order it sends us/me to:    http://www.index.php/component/virtuemart.html?page=account.order_details&order_id=1

obviously www.index.php isn't a good address nor is the rest of the address correct.

Even though the amount owed was zero cents  $0.00 the order came in as pending instead of confirmed, so I had to log in and go to the admin-virtuemart paned to confirm it which is strange.

Also there was no way for the customer to select which version of the e-book was wanted.  I tried setting up attributes but that didn't make any difference They showed up as options but it didn't link anything. I might as well have made an attribute called pink elephants.  I posted about this a few days ago and got no reply. There needs to be a way to link an attribute to a downloadable file.

After confirming the order, I went again to check my e-mail and I got two messages.
One is the download link email and another was a message telling me that the status had changed to confirmed. Well,  of course it had changed I had to go in and change it. Please let me know if the nightlybuilds are updated to fix any of these errors.