Author Topic: Can you Remove Browse Page - go straight from shop.browse too Flypage????  (Read 2265 times)


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Ok  tough question... I have been trying to get this for months but have had no luck. Now i have no use for a product browse page as all the categories act as a decision tree leaving only one product to chose from making a product browse page useless and one more click for the user.

I have changed the browse page to say click here to continue but it is pointless it being there, but it seems impossible to remove.

Have played with the shop.browse.php and more but havent been able to come up withan answer if anyone has done this or wants to have a crack to show how good they are please feel free to do so.... oh and please post it here to let me know how as wellll.... in return i can offer my knowledge in any any other field of joomla/virtuemart.

Thanks in advance. - just navigate through the store and you will know what i mean when i say the browse page is useless.


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Re: Can you Remove Browse Page - go straight from
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2007, 21:44:34 pm »
You might want to create a new product categories module that will direct the user straight to the shop.product_details.php page.

- Eric