Author Topic: Turning the checkout into simple form + email?  (Read 1872 times)


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Turning the checkout into simple form + email?
« on: July 12, 2007, 15:59:12 pm »
Hello everyone!

I am looking for a way to turn the check-out procedure of Virtuemart into a much more simple system that wouldn’t involve payment & shipping module.

I would simply like the costumer to be able to review his product list and fill a simple contact form and send it as a kind of request to the shop owner. Then it would up to the owner to contact the costumer afterward to agree on a shipping and payment mode.

Is it going to be something impossible for someone like me without php knowledge? Or do you think someone on this forum would be kind enough to walk me through this?

Basically it would mean ‘shut down’ the payment & shipping part of the check and plug a custom form in the end that would collect the product list.

Any advice/ help is welcome.  Thanks!