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nutty stuff
« on: October 10, 2004, 00:21:47 am »

working on a site at the moment.. and i found many 'bugs' in the mambo-phpshop code which i have 'fixed'.  i plan to post the code as soon as the site it stable.  here is the short list of changes i made:

- support for 'store price' and 'online price' with strikethru font
- manufacurer/brand name listed with product
- bugfix: when listing by manufacturer could not get to page 2
- modified advanced search page to add OR keyword and search in both catagories and manufacturers
- admin: when a manufacturer is removed all products linked to them are also now removed
- admin: added search by both product name and manufact in product list
- disabled the 'verify email' step when checking out
- re-organized the 'Shop' module so that search is at the top, the first thing the user sees
- other minor things i can't think of right now :)

Feel free to check out the site and give me some feedback!

Thanks soeren for this fantastic mambo component, it is solid work!


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