Author Topic: urgent question: inserting automatically products at zero price into cart  (Read 1845 times)


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Hi to all,

I apologize for the "urgent"  ;) I have to realize a DVD store that offers some "bundles", you buy two titles, they give you as gift a third title a zero cost. The third title is present into the shop as a normal product with his price.

I don't want now to analyze the complex architecture of a "bundle offer", I want just to ask to people that know virtuemart better than me some question about the architecture of the virtuemart shopping cart.

Is it possible to "intercept" the addtocart procedure and add automatically another product (that usually have a price) to the cart with price 0? I have to bypass the price of the product and insert it at price 0.

I hope the question is clear, my english is not perfect.

Can anybody give me some *tecnhical* information about this? Have somebody encountered before this issue and there is already a hack? This would be wonderful!!!

Any help would be really appreciated!