Author Topic: Collect customised details at product page/checkout page  (Read 1861 times)


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Collect customised details at product page/checkout page
« on: April 13, 2007, 14:45:11 pm »
Kudo to barnett for this wonderful "Custom Atrributes" hack.


Please excuse my improper english. I shall try to express my thoughts as clearly as I can. I am selling tuition classes using virtuemart. My needs are as per below. Please advise.

Students will be able to add "Tuition" lessons as a product. Students can bring guest, and the pricing for guest will be different. Therefore, on the product page a user will select how many students and guests will be attending the session. Based on the number of students and guest, the following page should have forms (name,contact no,subject) for them to fill up for each of the student and guest.

For example, Student Joe & Adam is planning to attend the session and they plan to bring 3 other guest. Therefore, instead of having all the students and guest to register individually by themselves, Joe decides that he will make the bookings for his group of friends.

So, Joe adds 2 units of "Student" and 3 units of "Guest". The following page, automatically prepares the fields & form (name,contact number,subject,nite/afternoon class preference) for all the 5 students. So, at this point, Joe will have to key in his and his friends details into the forms accordingly.

The catch is, if Joe adds 3 units of "Student" and 4 of "Guest", the following page should automatically prepare the fields required for all the 7 students.

Please advise on how to go about this. If this doesnt fit here, please let me know where is the best section to post this. However, I strongly believe that this could be achieved with some tweaking of this hack.

Thank you.