Author Topic: Product scroller & Latest products modules to show manufacturer  (Read 2612 times)


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i have been searching the forum for the required hack, but it seems i am on my own, cause aint seen any one else having done or asking for it.
i am using vm as catalog - not online selling - so i would like on the parameters setting of Product scroller module aswell as of the Latest products module to have the ability to show the manufacturer´s name under the thumbnail, instead of the "add to cart" or "show the product price".

The product names i use, belong to very broad classification - say like: city car, 4wd car,  etc, so the only way to attract a customer to click on a specific product, would be the thumbnail anyway, alongwith the manufacturer´s name that has to appear under the thumbnail - say like: fiat, mercedes, toyota etc.

I must say that i have no idea about programming, so what i wish to do maybe very simple change on the respective module, but for me not possible without assistance.



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Re: Product scroller & Latest products modules to show manufacturer
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