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Create an order in the administration environment
« on: June 28, 2023, 16:18:18 PM »
I found some (very) old posts on this issue, but I want to know if this feature will be available in the latest VM 4 - version. I am totally willing to become a paying member, but this is just such an important feature for us!

Joomla 4.3.2
Virtuemart 4.0.12

We really need to be able to create an order in the administration environment, and connect it to a new or existing customer.
In this order, we want to be able to pick existing products, and not only add a free text line, with a free amount.
The order created in the background should have its own status, so no receipt is generated yet, and the customer does not see this order in his orderlist yet.

In the previous version of the website, we used an addon to achieve this, but this addon is not availble for Joomla 4.

Thanks for your answer!