Author Topic: Paypal Express :: Document is ready and element #paypal-button does not exist  (Read 969 times)


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Hi there,

using the Paypal Express plugin always creates the error-popup:

Code: [Select]
Error:  Document is ready and element #paypal-button does not exist
when coming back from Paypal to the shop-page.

By clicking "close" the proccess can continue and the payment will work - but it would be nicer to have it working without that error...

I'm using the OPCPro (OnePage Checkout) Plugin. Maybe the problem lies here?

Anyone a clue what to do about it?


J 3.10.5
VM 3.8.8

Studio 42

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Some OPC remove the HTML code(and sometime CSS and javascripts) to have no design conflict.
So OPCPro should know why you have the problem