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Errors with Package []
« on: January 14, 2022, 15:34:53 pm »

Here you are several issues that I have with the Package [] on my test website

1) No more CB payment on the checkout with the systempay plugin
  • This issue is here since at least the package
  • The plugin Systempay from lyra do not appear anymore on the checkout page, others methods are ok
  • No settings changes done at all
  • Tested under vmbeez, same result
  • No info about any interdiction rule for the paiement method with the vm debug on
If you want to test the lyra network plugin V 2.2.1 compatible with VM 3.X
Two links to get it :

2) Fields are broken when editing payment and shipping method

When we edit payment and shipping method a wrong span is added in a bad way by js
Code: [Select]
<span class="langfallback"></span>
  • With new vmadmin template, the first fields seems ok but issue still here for description field
please see attached

Does someone have the same issues ?

That's all for now

J3.10.4 | PHP 7.4.27 + APC + Opcode
VM Prod : 3.8.6 | VM Test :