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403 Error when uploading product image
« on: December 17, 2021, 18:00:06 pm »
Joomla version 3.10.4. VirtueMart 3.8.8
Strange issue...
I'm working on a new shop and managed to set 27 product categories with their images without any problem. When I start put the first product, I got 403. I tried save it without image and it stored successfully. When I tried to upload its image then everytime I get 403 Forbidden error.

/tmp :: Writeable
/home/mysite/public_html/images/virtuemart/product/ :: Writeable
/home/mysite/public_html/images/virtuemart/product/resized/ :: Writeable

Any solution please?
Thank you.


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Falsely shown Unwriteable folder
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2021, 16:27:40 pm »
After trying everything, even new fresh installation I figured the problem in this:

When i upload a product image it tries to store the image instead of /home/my_domain/public_html/2022/images/virtuemart/resized/ to some other folder named "typeless" This folder permissions although was 755 and also I changed it to 777, when I try to upload an image to the "product images" path I see that is Unwriteable which is not true.

/home/my_domain/public_html/2022/images/virtuemart/typeless/resized/ :: Unwriteable

How can I get rid and shown the correct permissions to this folder please?

I did updated tables from the TOOLS menu on VM admin.